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–Destination Wedding Greece–

If you want a wedding Dj that he will offer a unique entertainment experience for your wedding. Then you came to the right place. We offer a musical journey for your wedding party that you would like to never end. We make things happen, We have the experience, the passion, the innovative spirit to make your wedding party unforgettable.

destination wedding dj

Welcome to Wedding Dj Services. My name is Harris Mpoutas, professional Dj since 1999 in various well-known clubs, bars, restaurants in the city of Athens. And since 2005 in wedding receptions, social events and parties. With studies in sound engineering and music production. My specialization is Wedding Dj because I know about weddings, but most importantly I know about your wedding. I know that you want a wedding reception that your friends and family will talk for years, remembering it as the best party they ever went to. Also, I know that your wedding is the day of your life and you want to be different from any other. If you agree with this then you are in the right place. Stop searching and start dancing.

As a full-time wedding DJ with over 19 years of entertainment experience, I am passionate about turning your visions and ideas into a reality. I can provide various services for your wedding. Services that will make your wedding in Greece unforgettable. Feel free and explore my website to find out what I can do for you.

If you want more information about our Wedding Dj Services continue reading bellow or you may visit our Greek Version of our site “Dj Design


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Wedding Dj Services In Greece

We provide a variety of services to make your wedding reception an unforgettable party. Choose those that suits best for you and let’s get the party started.

A wedding event is considered to be successful when there is the right ingredient. The right music selections that will raise your guests and will entertain them incessantly. Music is one and has only one purpose. To make the world entertaining. To do this, you need a good Wedding Dj that he will have the experience and the passion to do this.

We have the ability to provide you high-quality services every time depending in the occasion. With repertoire and music selections that will play all your favorite musical and dancing hits according to the style, you will choose. With all the hits from the past and today. Our Wedding Dj have the music, the knowledge & the education. All we want is to tell us how you imagine it and leave the rest to us.

Wedding Dj In Greek Islands

island wedding dj

Plan your wedding on any Greek island you want and our experienced djs will make this day an endless party that you and your guests will remember for years.


Wedding Dj In Greek Mainland

greek mainland wedding dj

We follow you wherever you plan your wedding in Greece to provide you our services with experienced and professional DJs.


Sound Services

wedding sound

Our fleet has enough speakers and high-end systems to cover your wedding no matter how many guests you will have, with high-quality sound.


Decorative Lighting Services

Special Effects


We create for your wedding a unique atmosphere with special effects. Laser, Strobe Lights, Smoke Machines, Dry Ice, etc.



wedding fireworks

With aerial fireworks, fountains and other types of fireworks, we give for your wedding a spectacular atmosphere that you will remember it forever.


If you want a professional, reliable, and experienced Wedding Dj for your Wedding Party that really will be interested in the success of your event, then we need to talk.


Your plan, your vision, your wedding. We listen to you and we understand your needs.


More than any of your expectations. Experience, flexibility, music education.


Meet us and we will design your wedding together from the beginning.


More than just good music, you’ll want to never stop.


Imagination and creativity for every moment of the event.


Simply the best, easiest, & fun planning process.

CALL US TODAY: +30 21 1216 1218

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